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Theme & Lessons

Jesus has a way of changing lives. The New Testament is chockablock (crammed full) of people whose lives were transformed by His time and His touch. Each person was unique, but they all had one thing in common—Jesus turned about their lives for His glory. Jesus still changes lives today. He meets us where we are and invites us to join Him on a transforming journey. This VBS series takes a close look at five New Testament stories in which a unique need was met by a life-changing encounter with Jesus.



Lesson 1Hike: Helpless to HopefulJesus Meets a Man by a Pool
(John 5:1-9)

Lesson 2Trek: Terrified to TrustingJesus Meets Peter on the Water
(Matthew 14:22-33)

Lesson 3 Soar: Selfish to SelflessJesus Meets Zacchaeus at a Tree
(Luke 19:1-10)

Lesson 4Climb: Crushed to ConfidentJesus Meets Peter on the Seashore (John 21:1-17)

Lesson 5Rise: Rebellious to ResoluteJesus Meets Saul on the Road to Damascus (Acts 9:1-8)

Turnabout Pointe Starter Kit Includes:


Classroom Materials

The strength of every Vacation Bible School experience is the materials that guide our classes. Teacher Manuals and Student Books for your students (ages 2-Teens) guide Bible-based, relevant lessons that will draw them closer to Jesus. There is also an accompanying adult study book suitable both for teachers and students.

manual_1 Teacher Manual Sample Pages
manual_3 Adult Book Sample Pages
manual_4 Story Time Bible Book Sample Pages
manual_5 Director Manual
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platypusAussie Arts & Crafts

Crafts help your students relate to VBS lessons with hands-on activities. Turnabout Pointe offers a craft ideas booklet, which will provide students with a fun-filled craft making session. Craft pages are reproducible and need only a few standard items, typically found in most classrooms.

craft cover Aussie Arts & Crafts

sea turtleSupport Material

Don’t forget all the extras that make VBS so special. Advertising Posters and Invitation Cards can spread the word that VBS is coming. Thank-You Cards aid in the follow-up process. A Multimedia CD, which can also be played as an audio CD, is compatible with Mac and PC platforms. Containing art files, reproducible PDF files with song lyrics, and much more, the CD is a great resource for any VBS program. Our VBS theme song, “Jesus, We Love You,” as well as other titles (in a cappella), will help students celebrate that Jesus can make all things new.

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